Gourmet Traveller Wine - Howling Forever Review

In the April/May edition of Gourmet Traveller Wine our Howling Forever, which is a Saison w/ Brettanomyces aged in Oak Barrels w/ Wine Lees & Friulano Skins, was featured in the Best Buy Wines for under $25.

The review from Sophie Otton was wonderful to hear, and we are so proud of this beer. Check out the review here: GTW BEST BUY WINES 


Howling Forever | Brett Saison | 375ml | 6% ABV

Its super fruity with layers of citrus and tropical fruit with a delicate tartness that melds wonderfully with notes of earthiness and barnyard from the brett and a gentle bite of grape skin.

This saison was open fermented using our blend of saison yeast strains, then matured in oak puncheons with one of our house mixed cultures. Normally this culture adds layers of acidity to the beer but the hopping rate of the saison has inhibited bacteria growth and allowed the several brett strains to create a dry and complex barrel aged saison. 
After 12 months maturation, we added a blend of Riesling, Pinot Gris & Gewurztraminer lees and Friulano skins from our mates at Konpira Maru.  These were the spent products from their awesome Pan Opticon.