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Hot Drink Choice: Birdsnake Drinking chocolate

  • Birdsnake Drinking chocolate
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Bring the Taproom to your Lounge Room with our 𝗙𝗔π—₯π— π—›π—’π—¨π—¦π—˜ π—£π—”π—–π—ž. It includes 3 of our farmhouse favourites - A MILLION STARS | Dark Farmhouse Ale (ABV 5.5%),Β CONSTANT STATE Saison (ABV 4.7%), BORN IN TIME I Golden Sour Beer Aged in Oak Barrels w/Feijoas (ABV 5.8%).

Plus Chocolate from @birdsnakechocolate a beef jerky deck from @tigerbuckjerky and a bag of glorious coffee beans from @everydaycoffee.Β To finish we have added a Birrateque beer glass, which will enhance the aromas and flavour of our beer.

Turns out you CAN have it all!Β Β 


A MILLION STARS | Dark Farmhouse Ale (ABV 5.5%)


BORN IN TIME 2020 | Oak Barrel Aged Golden Sour Beer w/Yarra Valley Feijoas (5.8%)

Birrateque 420ml glass

Tiger Buck Beef jerky

All Day Expresso from Everyday Coffee 250g

Birdsnake Ecuadorian Chocolate bar 60%

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Hot Drink Choice

Birdsnake drinking chocolate, Everyday coffee