What's Pouring at the Taproom

EVANGELINE (4.5% ABV) Tulip 8 / US Pint 12
Czech Dark lager
EVANGELINE is a Czech Dark Lager that is based on a traditional Tmave Pivo (Dark Beer) and made for our Australian Autumn. Having spent 2 months lagering in oak barrels, it pours a dark copper colour that instantly connects you with the changing of the autumn leaves. The warm aromas of toasted bread and coffee complement the spicy hop notes that remind you it’s not yet Winter. Enjoy this lager of the season with its deep malt profile and subtle flavours of coffee & a nutty

ALBERTA (6.2% ABV) Glass 13

Red sour beer aged in oak barrels with Yarra Valley raspberries
Pouring a gorgeous ruby red, Alberta first hits you with aromatics of fresh Raspberries, a depth of funk and oak through the palate, ending in a clean and bright acidity.



BITE THAT BINDS (ABV 5.8%) Glass 13 
Golden Sour Beer aged in Oak with Mulberry and Feijoa

This is a one-barrel innovation beer for us, and it’s turned out as a real beauty with a bite. When Shane was at his mate’s house in Castlemaine he spotted an abundance of mulberries on their tree, so they did a spare of the moment harvest! Together with some Yarra Valley feijoas, we added these whole fruits to a golden sour beer blend. An intriguing blend of the earthy herbal of the mulberries and the strawberry guava tropical notes of the feijoas makes bite that binds one of our most interesting fruited sour beers we’ve done to date.



Barrel Fermented Honey Farmhouse Ale

Kissing The Beehive is a Farmhouse Ale that we ferment in oak barriques using one of our house mixed cultures.  We added honey in the kettle whirlpool and then a second addition, after primary fermentation, into the barrel and then used honey to prime the bottles & kegs for natural carbonation. Beautiful floral aromas and a lingering, almost waxy, raw honey flavour on the palate is balanced by a textured mouthfeel whilst finishing bright and dry. 

DARK EYES (ABV 5.8%) Glass 13

Aged Amber Sour Beer w/ Yarra Valley Blackberries 
For Dark Eyes our brewers showcase blackberry to highlight the more earthy, or dark, side this amazing berry has to offer. After spending 9 months in oak puncheons on our house culture this amber sour beer was transferred onto Yarra Valley blackberries from our friends at Rayner's Orchard. It was then bottled, with a lengthy conditioning time. Dark Eyes pours a beautiful rich, inky purple with an earthy sweet aroma upfront, giving way to deep, dark berry and a refreshing bright acidic finish. This is a beer to impress, if you can bear to share it.



DRIFTER  (ABV 4.2%) Tulip 6.5  / US Pint 10 

Workers Draught

Designed to quench your thirst and brewed to be enjoyed after a hard day’s work, Drifter is a beer for all us workers out there!  Brewed using 25% rice and fermented using a farmhouse ale yeast strain, we added a small amount of fruity hops to give a fresh hop hit.


HARROW AND HARVEST (ABV 4.3%) Tulip 6.5 / US Pint 10

White Ale
Harrow and Harvest is our interpretation of a traditional Belgian Wit beer. Brewed with malted, rolled and raw wheat, coriander seed, chamomile and Curacao orange peel, this refreshing beer has flavours of lemon and sweet orange and gives way to a crisp, refreshing finish.


CONSTANT STATE (ABV 4.7%) Tulip 7.5 / US Pint 11.5

Open Fermented Saison
A saison brewed using pilsner malt, unmalted rye and raw wheat and in conjunction with natural carbonation in the keg, pours a lovely golden straw colour with a soft, pillowy head. By combining 2 saison yeast strains, Constant State has a very aromatic & complex flavour profile of pear & citrus balanced with peppery/earthy notes. These flavours are complemented by the use of New World European hops late in the brew to enhance the fruity & floral flavours


SPACE TRAVEL, ROCK AND ROLL (ABV 4.8%) Tulip 8.5 / US Pint 12.5

Oak Smoked Wheat Farmhouse Ale with Peaches
Space Travel, Rock n Roll is a Farmhouse Ale made to encapsulate the transition in season from Summer to Autumn.  The smoke element compliments & enhances the fresh fruit, never overpowering the drinking experience. Brewed using a portion of Oak Smoked Wheat malt, this Farmhouse Ale had fresh White Peaches from the Yarra Valley added for refermentation prior to packaging.  The alluring aroma of freshly cut stone fruit and gentle oaky smoke draws you in as your first sip reveals a soft, creamy mouthfeel rich with ripe peach and a clove- like finish.


A MILLION STARS (ABV 5.5%) Tulip 8.5 / US Pint 12.5 

Dark Farmhouse Ale
Our winter farmhouse ale pours a deep dark brown that is almost black, so dark that light does not pass through the glass. We added cardamom, black pepper, rosemary, star anise and juniper berries along with the French hop, Aramis, to give a heady bouquet of spices and pine. It is dry and delicate, balanced and drinkable, just as we like our farmhouse ales/ saisons to be. We made this dark farmhouse ale in celebration of the Winter Solstice and the long nights of the season. Delve into the darkness, discover the many layers of flavour within and let A MILLION STARS shine bright. 


FORCE OF NATURE (ABV 5.4%) Tulip 8 / US Pint 12

Mixed Culture Farmhouse Ale

Force of Nature is our interpretation of an old world farmhouse ale. The unique blend of saccharomyces and Brettanomyces yeast, cultured up in our lab is the main  focus of this beer, along with rustic grains like Triticale and Spelt creating a complex beer that is slightly tart with notes of orange citrus, blue cheese with a dry textured finish.



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