Our family run farmhouse brewery was formed from a joint dedication to fermentation. Paying homage to the old-world style of brewing and blending, we have built a farmhouse-inspired brewery in an ex-mechanics shed on Wurundjeri land in Reservoir, Victoria, Australia.
With years of experience in the Australian craft beer industry, brewing at some of Melbourne’s best breweries, we set about traveling the world to soak-up decades of wisdom from renowned brewers of farmhouse and barrel aged beers. With a wealth of knowledge, we returned to Australian shores and with our partners, Elisa a finance specialist and Kara an artist and designer, whose watercolours feature on the labels, we built a truly unique farmhouse-inspired brewery. 
With an open fermentor, a cellar filled with an array of barrels for blending, and a brewery floor with modern fermentation vessels, our brewhouse was custom built to showcase our style of beers. At the centre is a lab where we are introducing our unique cultures and inoculating our oak barrels to create our own mixed cultures that are forever evolving.   
In March 2019, we poured our first beer from the farmhouse-inspired brewery taproom, a taproom that shows our uncompromising dedication to saisons, farmhouse ales and barrel-aged sour beers. Built in the heart of the brewery surrounded by oak barrels and modern-day vessels, you can come and enjoy our seasonal releases and limited edition small-batch brews. Look into our open fermentation room and see our mixed cultures bubbling away in the lab aptly called Culture Club, it’s a truly immersive farmhouse-inspired brewing experience.
Ian & Shane