Future Mountain


To us, our beer is forever evolving. From the open fermentor that can breathe in the air around it, to each barrel having its own nuances, our beer does not conform. By embracing the environment around them, changing with the seasons, and growing from our mixed cultures, our beers become their own personalities, layered with complexity yet have a balanced drinkability.


Like nature there are no straight lines to follow when brewing and blending beers, it is all about blurring them. At Future Mountain we open ferment, barrel ferment, do long term maturation in oak and modern fermentation tanks. By exploring the different geometries and environments that our yeast cultures live and grow within, we can create individual flavour profiles. With time and space to shift and breathe in different materials and shapes for fermentation, they can each create a completely different personality, with the beers ultimately telling us when they are ready.


By letting our beers be free, whether it is in our unique open fermentor or one of the many barrels in our cellar, it means we do not follow the months of the year, instead we are a seasonal farmhouse-inspired brewery approaching brewing like a winery approaches harvest. The initial growth phase of our mixed cultured beers need the ambient temperature to be high enough so they can hold their own temperature all the way through fermentation, therefor the conditions within our brewery directly determine when we can brew certain beers. Like most traditional breweries we hand bottle and then allow our beers to naturally carbonate in bottle and in keg, within our conditioning rooms. Each season we journey with our beers and pivot with any changes as we will never compromise. Seasonal timing is crucial.


The raw magic that was farmhouse beers in the early agricultural days in Europe, is reflected within our brewery, by placing a strong focus on hyperlocal, seasonal ingredients. Building close relationships with local farmers from the Yarra Valley to the Morning Peninsular and artisan producers like coffee roasters and winemakers, has been an integral part. We have access to the freshest local produce, which can be harvested in the morning and brewed that afternoon


At the very heart of the brewery is a lab that contains years of cultivating different strains of yeast to create our own mixed cultures, aptly called the Culture Club. From isolating yeast and bacteria strains from some of our favourite breweries, to capturing wild yeast from native flowers in our local area. We have never used any commercial lab grown cultures, which make our many yeast cultures totally unique to Future Mountain. Each release of a beer is a taste in time within our cellar, it reflects where our mixed cultures are at, the fermentation method we used, any seasonal changes and the produce that was available locally at the time, Future Mountain is forever evolving.