Our Story

Future Mountain Brewing and Blending is where the past and the future meet to create Farmhouse inspired, mixed fermentation and barrel aged beers using traditional methods and innovative techniques. 


Future Mountain Brewing and Blending is a brewery and Tap Room founded by two passionate beer enthusiasts and their families with a common goal: to produce world-class farmhouse ales and barrel-aged sour beer, and serve them in a venue that draws inspiration from taprooms in Europe and North America. 


“We think beer should be flavoursome, fresh and stylistically diverse. Beer is, and always has been, a beverage for the people. It should always be approachable, but a growing number of beer drinkers also want to be constantly challenged by new flavour experiences. At Future Mountain we aim to satisfy these yearnings.” 

Anchored by the Tap Room – which features barrels and blending vessels alongside the standard brewing equipment, such as mash tuns and brew kettles – the contrasting timber and stainless steel reflect the traditional and contemporary styles they create. This style of brewery is rare in Australia, creating a unique drinking environment and atmosphere. 

Brewing with and for the seasons is a key focus for Future Mountain. By developing relationships with local fruit growers, as well as wineries and coffee roasters, Future Mountain aims to capitalise on the timing and availability of different ingredients. Rustic Belgian ales, wild ales and modern sour beers form an ever-evolving selection of tap beers and bottle releases at the Tap Room on Plenty Road Reservoir. 

“Our focus is on experimentation and patience to make and serve our small batch beers”

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