Anniversary Ale 2 - MAGNUM

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Anniversary Ale 2

Blended Golden Sour Beer aged in Oak Barrels | 5.8% ABV | MAGNUM - PICK UP ONLY

This year we invited some locals who have supported us to come help create our special anniversary blend. Luckily between lockdowns, we drawing samples straight from the puncheons and worked together to create what we thought was a harmonious blend fit to be our Anniversary Ale 2. 

Anniversary Ale 2 is a blended golden sour with a mountain of personality, just like our locals and a rich complexity, just like our cellar. With a burst of lemon sherbet, that gives way to a beautiful nectarine layer, which develops into a deep earthly blue cheese funk and finishes off with a lovely textural element on the palate from oak aging.

This is our Anniversary Ale 2 a quintessential Future Mountain sour beer.

It marks our second year as a brewery.

It is our Grand Cru.

It is Future Mountain.

Ian, Elisa, Shane & Kara.