Anniversary Ale 3

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Anniversary Ale #3

Blended Golden & Amber barrel aged sour beer. 5.8%


Every year we mark the anniversary of opening our small farmhouse brewery by creating a very special beer. A beer that reminds us of why we started this journey as two young families that are passionate about producing a unique artisanal product that captures a time and place.

The making of this beer is a joint effort with our friends, family, customers and fellow producers. By sharing ideas and opinions we settle on a blend that represents our oak cellar and house culture at that precise moment in time.

This year's "Anniversary Ale" consists of a blend of golden barrel-aged sour beers and an amber sour beer. Pouring a gorgeous light amber hue, aromatics of nectarine, fig and hay leads into a palate of soft acid, a small amount of oak and a beautiful fruit funk note that floats off into the distance.

 A pure and honest look at the development of Future Mountains mixed culture.

 This is our Grand Cru