Chance or Circumstance | Open Fermented Farmhouse Ale w/ Pepperberry & Bay Laurel Leaf and Flowers | 750ml | 5.4% ABV

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Farmhouse brewing has always been dependant on what is on hand from farmers, producers, and friends at the time of brewing. This is the philosophy behind Chance Or Circumstance.

Each year at Future Mountain we reach out to like-minded brewers to see what produce they are excited about and by chance have available to them at the time of making this beer. This year we teamed up with Luke from Bruny Island Beer Co. in Tasmania and Chris and Gab from Sailors Grave brewery in Gippsland.

The objective was to collaborate and create a unique farmhouse ale that captures a moment in time at each location.

The 2020 brew was not the greatest of circumstances with the brewing unfortunately landing smack bang in the middle of a lockdown, but that wasn’t going to get in the way of a collaboration between friends. After some entertaining online brainstorming, we decided to brew a barrel aged open fermented red farmhouse ale with native pepperberry from Luke at Bruny Island and fragrant bay leaves from Chris and Gabs family farm in Gippsland. 

Deep in lockdown we open fermented this beer with a blend of saison yeast, then transferred to French neutral oak barrels where a very special mixed culture was introduced. After 12 months maturation we added a small amount of pepperberry from Luke and fragrant bay leaves from Chris and Gab.

After 3 months of bottle conditioning, we are all excited to share this collaboration of like-minded brewers with everyone.

Pouring a burnt orange with a firm white foam head, this open fermented farmhouse ale offers up a rich caramel back note to subtle savory earth and spice tones which break through to complement a spicy combination of saison yeast and mixed culture fermentation. As this beer opens up the light touch of oak lingers along with a note of pepperberry spice ending a unique journey made in collaboration with good friends.