Dark Eyes | Amber Sour Beer Aged in Oak w Blackberries | 750ml | 5.8% ABV

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Amber Sour Beer Aged in Oak w Blackberries
5.8% ABV 750ml

Here it is. Arguably our most popular Barrel Aged Fruited Sour Beer, available again for 2021.

For Dark Eyes (Amber Sour Beer Aged in Oak w Blackberries) our brewers showcase blackberry to highlight the more earthy, or dark, side this amazing berry has to offer.

After spending 9 months in oak puncheons on our house culture this amber sour beer was transferred onto Yarra Valley blackberries from our friends at Rayner's Orchard. It was then bottled, with a lengthy conditioning time.

Dark Eyes pours a beautiful rich, inky purple with an earthy sweet aroma upfront, giving way to deep, dark berry and a refreshing bright acidic finish. This is a beer to impress, if you can bear to share it.