Force of Nature | Mixed-Culture Farmhouse Ale | 375ml | 5.4% ABV

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Born from our love of mixed-cultured farmhouse ale, we milled a mixture of rustic grains, like triticale and spelt, together and then added our own uniquely blended culture to bring Force of Nature alive. Once bottled we let nature take its course conditioning the beer, patiently waiting but constantly checking until it told us it was ready!

Force of Nature is a complex beer that is hard to tame, but wonderfully easy to drink. It starts slightly tart with notes of orange citrus and blue cheese, and ends with a textured dry finish. This is the perfect beer for twilight, that moment when a hot summers day ends and that first breath of cool night air hits you. 

Earthy. Dry. Citrus.

375ml bottle | 5.4% ABV