Stranger On A Train - Golden sour beer aged in oak barrels with Yarra Valley Apricots (ABV5.8%)

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It's always a treat for us to release a fruited sour beer as there has been alot of care and effort gone into its production.

Our fruiting day starts with Shane or Ian driving out to the beautiful Yarra Valley to pick up the fruit, while the other starts preparing the blend, steaming barrels, cleaning hoses, barrel spears and setting up for the fruit processing.

When the apricots arrive at the brewery we get to work de-stoning, and adding them directly into oak barrels. These apricots are transferred from farm to barrel within 2 hours. The golden sour blend is then transferred onto the fruit, where, for the next 2-4 months our mixed culture breaks down and referments the fruit.

Stranger on a Train has delicate stone fruit aromas with hints of oak. Bright and sharp with notes of fuzzy apricot skin and delicious, sweet juicy flesh. Elegant, moreish and oh so good at this time of year!